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Regional 4-H PYD Champion Network

About the Regional 4-H PYD Network

The Regional 4-H PYD Champion Network consists of two 4-H professionals from Land-Grant Universities (LGUs) across the five Extension Regions. Champions are chosen through a competitive application process for a three year term. Champions work together in their Extension regions under the leadership of a national facilitator to advance the understanding and use of the 4-H Thriving Model as the theory of positive youth development in 4-H. Regional networks focus primarily on capacity building efforts for 4-H professionals and volunteers, with a special focus on promoting a consistent, correct, and complete understanding of positive youth development in their state and region.

Regional 4-H PYD Champion Network Aim

The overall aim of the Regional 4-H PYD Network is to ensure consistency in understanding and describing the way that 4-H impacts the positive development of youth. This will be accomplished through PYD capacity building with 4-H professionals and volunteers, leading to improved PYD programming, and stronger and clearer program impact. Ultimately the aim of the regional 4-H PYD Champion network is to secure the position of 4-H the leader in positive youth development programming.

Regional 4-H PYD Champion Network Goals

  1. Build an accurate and consistent translation of the science of youth development into 4-H practice based on the 4-H Thriving Model, the science of learning and development and best practices identified in youth development literature.
  2. Increase 4-H professional and volunteer capacity for designing and implementing high quality 4-H programs that promote youth thriving.
  3. Work collaboratively within Extension regions to identify PYD capacity strengths and needs.
  4. Develop materials and resources to facilitate PYD capacity building with 4-H professionals and volunteers

Position Requirements

  • 4-H professional status
  • Desire to support a consistent model of PYD across the 4-H system
  • Experience in leading professional capacity building efforts
  • Commitment to a three-year term
  • Commitment to active participation and leadership in regional network activities, including monthly virtual gatherings and at least one sub-group effort
  • Available dedicated time for participation (approximately 5-10 hours/month)
  • Confidence in teaching and leading
  • Support from State 4-H Program leader and immediate supervisor
  • Travel support to attend one in-person session annually (pending additional funding, typically in conjunction with the NAE4-HYDP Conference)

Application Dates

Applications are accepted from 4-H professionals affiliated with a LGU 4-H program. Applications are only accepted from LGUs who do not currently have two (2) champions. Application for network membership is open twice yearly:

  • July 1 open; July 31 deadline
  • December 1 open; December 31 deadline

Click here to see a list of the current 4-H PYD Champions

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For More Information:

Questions about the Regional 4-H PYD Champion Network can be directed to:

Maria Walker, Regional 4-H PYD Champion Network Facilitator: