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4-H Thriving Model Task Force

The Advancing the 4-H Thriving Model task for is a chartered entity of the 4-H Program Leaders’s Working Group (PLWG). The task force is chartered for a three-year period (July 1, 2019 through June 30, 2022) to facilitate further development and implementation of the 4-H Thriving Model across the national 4-H system. The result of this work will be alignment of the 4-H program nationally around a consistent model of youth development, leading to enhanced collective evaluation measurement and impact results.

Task Force Purpose and Scope

  1. Development of professional development training materials and related supports and opportunities for 4-H professionals and volunteers. Training professionals and volunteers in how to plan and implement 4-H programs with fidelity to the 4-H Thriving Model is essential if all 4-H programs are to meet 4-H’s intended outcomes. Currently there is no consistent PYD training that guides the implementation of 4-H programs to promote PYD.
  2. Continued research on the 4-H Thriving Model. Continued research is needed to ensure the model’s applicability across the 4-H programs’ settings and youth populations. While a “main effect” has been established for the model, the next step in the research process is testing “what works, for what youth, under what conditions.”
  3. Organizational learning and alignment. The 4-H program has many entities involved in its leadership and implementation. It is essential that all groups are united in one effort to describe, plan, and conduct 4-H programs under one unified model. To do this, a group of 4-H Thriving Model champions is needed to provide organizational learning & support across all the major entities, helping to ensure alignment in the use of the 4-H Thriving Model.
  4. Advance and support the accomplishment of the 4-H Youth Development: A 2025 Vision National Strategic Plan, particularly in the areas of the Power of Youth and Extraordinary Places to Learn.

Advancing the 4-H Thriving Model Task Force Leadership Team