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Certified 4-H Thriving Model Curriculum Trainers


Certified 4-H Thriving Model Curriculum Trainers

Professional development that is effective, lasting, and powerful, take more than providing an activity in a notebook. How we learn new concepts, like those found in the 4-H Thriving Model, requires skilled teaching and facilitation. Because we want all 4-H professionals to be trained well in both the content of the curriculum, and how to use it to teach others, we have prepared a group of certified curriculum trainers who are available to teach the curriculum to others. These 4-H professionals have undergone several hours of training on the curriculum and how to teach it.

If you are interested in having the curriculum trainers train you and your team, please reach out directly to those on the following list. Training is provided based on the trainer’s capacity and availability.

North Central Region

Jennie Hargrove, Iowa State University

Anne Pitts, Kansas State University

Christine Heverly, Michigan State University

Jenna Hoyt, Ohio State University

Amy Henschen, University of Illinois

Shelby Carlson, University of Illinois

Karen Beranek, University of Minnesota

Stephanie Femrite, University of Missouri

Jennifer Swensen, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Kathy Fischer, Michigan State University

Meagan Hoffman, North Dakota State University

North Eastern Region

Alexa Maille, Cornell University (NY)

Kelly Campbell, Cornell University (NY)

Martha Gregory, Pennsylvania State University

Paula Lucas, Pennsylvania State University

Abbie Kesely, Rutgers University

Alayne Torretta, Rutgers University

Jen Cushman, University of Connecticut

Karen Johnston, University of Delaware

Greg Kranich, University of Maine,

Kristy Ouellette, University of Maine

Amy Lang, University of Maryland

Gretchen Sumbrum, University of Maryland

Angelica Paredes, University of Massachusetts

Joe Drake, University of New Hampshire

Karen Deighan, University of New Hampshire

Lauren Traister, University of Vermont

Ashley N. Kooken, West Virginia University

Jennifer Murray, West Virginia University

Leslie Noble, 4-H Canada

Southern Region

Joy Scott, Auburn University

Mirandi Reese Watson, Auburn University

Patricia Whitener, Clemson University

Megan Sarver, Louisiana State University

Xavier Bell, Louisiana State University

April Dillon, North Carolina State University

Jordan Peldyak, Prairie View A & M University

Darlene Locke, Texas A & M University

Hope Bragg, University of Arkansas

Brent Broaddus, University of Florida

Candi Dierenfield, University of Florida

Amanda “Mandy” Marable, University of Georgia

Elizabeth Easley, University of Kentucky

Lena Mallory, University of Kentucky

Western Region

Trent Hollister, Colorado State University

Allyssa Peak, Montana State University

Kellie Kahtani, Montana State University

Jon Gandy, Oregon State University

Matthew Rene Rodrigues, University of California – Davie

Anna Torres, University of California – Davis

Nancy Ooki, University of Hawaii

Grave Whittman, University of Idaho

Nancy Shelstad, University of Idaho

Jill Baker-Tingey, University of Nevada- Reno

Sarah Chvilicek, University of Nevada – Reno

Emily Swinyer, University of Wyoming

Stacey MacArthur, Utah State University