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Helping Youth Thrive: A Training Curriculum on the 4-H Thriving Model Elements

The Helping Youth Thrive Curriculum was developed to provide 4-H professionals an in-depth understanding of the 4-H Thriving Model through activity-based, experiential learning. We believe it is essential that 4-H professionals have a complete understanding of the 4-H Thriving Model before they can teach it to others. Inherent in all modules is a community of practice design that helps educators and volunteers develop an application plan.

The curriculum contains two parts.

Part One: 4-H as a Developmental Context for Youth Development

Part One contains three modules with activities designed to introduce each concept of the Developmental Context of the 4-H Thriving Model.

Each module is developed using guided inquiry embedded in an experiential learning framework. Modules include:

  • Background information on the model element (e.g. sparks, developmental relationships, growth mindset, hopeful purpose, etc.)
  • Identification of PRKC and VRKC competencies
  • Learning objectives
  • A list of materials needed and recommended time
  • Key concepts and vocabulary definitions
  • Highlights emphasizing attention and action related to diversity, equity, and inclusion are embedded in each module
  • Detailed directions for facilitating learning activities using the experiential learning steps “do, reflect, and apply”
  • Follow up Community of Practice (CoP) meeting to reflect on individual application plans with support from their peers

This process of curriculum development, including a contractual agreement with Search Institute for material used in the Sparks and Developmental Relationships modules, has been deliberate and careful to ensure that the highest quality curriculum is produced.

Access Part One Modules Here

Part Two: Understanding and Promoting the Thriving Indicators

Phase II of the curriculum that provides activity-based modules on the Thriving Indicators will be released in early 2024.

Certified Curriculum Trainers

Certified curriculum trainers have received special, in-depth training on the curriculum and how to use it when teaching others. Please click here for a list of 4-H professionals who are certified to provide training on the 4-H Thriving Model Curriculum! These trainer-instructors are happy to assist you!