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Helping Youth Thrive Curriculum Part One

Helping Youth Thrive Training Curriculum

Part One: 4-H as a Developmental Context for Youth

Part One of the curriculum contains three modules with activities designed to introduce each concept of the Developmental Context of the 4-H Thriving Model. The purpose of this curriculum is to provide 4-H professionals volunteers with an in-depth understanding of the concepts of the 4-H Thriving Model. We believe it is important for 4-H educators to understand the model well before they teach it to others. Inherent in all modules is a community of practice design that helps educators and volunteers develop an application plan.

Each module is developed using guided inquiry embedded in an experiential learning framework. Modules include:

  • Background information on the model element (e.g. sparks, developmental relationships, growth mindset, hopeful purpose, etc.)
  • Identification of PRKC and VRKC competencies
  • Learning objectives
  • A list of materials needed and recommended time
  • Key concepts and vocabulary definitions
  • Highlights emphasizing attention and action related to diversity, equity, and inclusion are embedded in each module
  • Detailed directions for facilitating learning activities using the experiential learning steps “do, reflect, and apply”
  • Follow up Community of Practice (CoP) meeting to reflect on individual application plans with support from their peers

This process of curriculum development, including a contractual agreement with Search Institute for material used in the Sparks and Developmental Relationships modules, has been deliberate and careful to ensure that the highest quality curriculum is produced.





















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