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PYD Academy Planning Team

Academy Director

  • Mary Arnold, National 4-H Council

Planning Committee Chair

  • Janet Golden, National 4-H Council

Mainstage Director

  • Lena Mallory, University of Kentucky

Youth Reflection Planning Team Chairs

  • Malea Huffman, Purdue University
  • Mike Knutz, University of Idaho

Capacity-Building Session Chairs

  • Anne Iaccopucci, University of California
  • Katherine Soule, University of California

State Reflection Chairs

  • Sarah Kleinman, University of Vermont
  • Kristy Ouellette, University of Maine

Planning Committee Members

  • Maurice Smith, NIFA
  • Kendra Lewis, University of New Hampshire
  • Amy Rhodes, University of Maryland
  • Brent Broaddus, University of Florida
  • Kendra Calhoun, University of Alaska