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About the PYD Standing Committee

PLWG Charter

The 4-H Standing Committee on Positive Youth Development (PYD) was chartered in 2019 as a Program Leader’s Working Group (PLWG) task force, and approved as a permanent PLWG standing committee in 2022. The committee seeks to advance the science and research foundation of positive youth development (PYD) , with an emphasis on informing and transforming PYD practice in 4-H across the country. Specifically, the committee works to advance research and evaluation, professional development, and alignment across the 4-H system to advance science-based positive youth development in 4-H that is consistent, correct, and complete.

Committee Working Groups

Professional and Volunteer Capacity Building Working Group

The professional and volunteer capacity building group has two primary roles. First is to identify and develop PYD educational resources based on the 4-H Thriving Model that for 4-H professionals and volunteers. The second role is to review and recommend resources developed outside the committee that can be included in a curated collection of high quality educational resources to promote 4-H PYD and the 4-H Thriving Model in ways that are consistent, correct and complete. Working group members may also be invited to serve as facilitators in the PYD Academies.

Special Call to Join Professional and Volunteer Working Group – Applications are due December 1, 2023! Click here to apply.

Program Planning and Evaluation for PYD Impact Working Group

The program planning and evaluation for PYD impact working group is primarily charged with building the capacity of 4-H educators to plan, evaluate, measure, and share the impact of their 4-H programming. The group works together to identify current and needed evaluation resources and tools that educators can use. In addition the working group contributes to the planning and hosting of the PYD Academy on program planning and evaluation.

Regional 4-H PYD Network

The Regional 4-H PYD Champion Network is facilitated by a network facilitator who convenes and supports the network consisting of up to two “champions” from each LGU 4-H program. The champions, who are organized into regional groups, work with each other to extend the work of the PYD committee into the 4-H system. Within their regions champions work to identify training and materials needs related to the 4-H Thriving Model, develop easy-to-access introductory materials on 4-H and PYD A subset of champions will serve as certified professional 4-H Thriving Model educators, providing training on the model across the 4-H system. Click here to learn more about the PYD Champion Network. Click here to learn more.

Regional PYD Academies

The outflow of the PYD committee is through a series of PYD Academies. The PYD Academy Chair is responsible for organizing, convening, and facilitating the academy planning committees to ensure the academy success. The chair recruits and supports academy planning teams made up of 4-H Extension professionals, and organizes the virtual platform and technological aspects of the academy. The PYD Academy Chair is appointed and supported by National 4-H Council. Council’s role in academies is in alignment with its threefold mission to (1) convene; (2) provide resources; and (3) tell the story of efforts conducted by the Extension 4-H system. Click here to learn more.

Committee Liaisons

4-H System Liaison

The 4-H System Liaison works on behalf of the committee to identify, develop, and ensure clear and effective communication about the committee’s work with the 4-H system. The liaison is responsible for planning and implementing an annual communication strategy for the committee and assisting the committee chair in providing regular updates on the committee’s work to the 4-H system. The liaison also seeks out and provides information to inform the committee’s work.

PLWG Liaison

The PLWG liaison is appointed by the PLWG to ensure timely and effective communication between the committee and PLWG. The PLWG liaison also serves as an advocate for the committee’s work with PLWG and across the 4-H system.

NAE4-HYDP Liaison

The chair of the PYD Standing Committee serves as the NAE4-HYDP Liaison. This liaison participates on the the NAE4-HYDP Board of Trustees and is responsible for ensuring that PYD capacity building efforts across the 4-H System are connected to, and supported by, NAE4-HYDP.

Committee Leadership

Click here for a complete listing of 4-H professionals serving as leaders of the PYD Standing Committee.

Committee Membership

Applications for committee membership are open annually between July 1 and July 31. Committee terms begin October 1. Committee members are expected to be actively engaged in the accomplishment of an annual plan of work. Click here to learn more.

4-H PLWG Standing Committee on PYD