Task Force Leadership

Mary Arnold, Oregon State University
Task Force Chair

My spark is transforming complex theories into practical ideas for youth development professionals! I also am sparked by reading (lots), hiking in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, and competing in dressage with my horse Little Scholar.


4-H Thriving Model Professional Development Committee

Gemma Miner, University of California, Davis
Professional Development Co-Leader

My spark is connection to, and stewardship of, the natural world.


Martin Smith, University of California, Davis
Professional Development Co-Leader

I have more of a flame than a spark: Teaching, learning, nature, music, and sports.




Anissa Jepsen, Kansas State University
Professional Development Co-Leader

My spark is Sharing my love of learning to others, especially sharing practical applications of theory and research to adult learners. 




Mike Knutz, Oregon State University
Professional Development Co-Leader

My spark is helping others realize and strive towards their potential


4-H Thriving Model Research and Evaluation Committee

Autumn Hope Guin, North Carolina State University
Research and Evaluation Co-Chair

My spark is capacity building through relationships or coaching. I get to do this in many different communities: as a professor, as a program director, designer, and evaluator, as a national coach, and as a leader coach at church. I’ve always had a knack for simplifying and sharing complex knowledge to help others build confidence and self-efficacy. I just love that my work allows me to do this in a way that empowers others to identify their own strengths and then use those strengths to set and reach goals. 


Josset Gauley, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Research and Evaluation Co-Chair


Bradd Anderson
Research and Evaluation Co-Chair


Ryan Gagnon, Clemson University
Research and Evaluation Lead Methodologist


4-H Thriving Model Organizational Alignment Committee

Sarah Hensley, University of Florida
Organizational Alignment Co-Chair

My spark is helping others, especially youth. I recognized this spark at 14 while serving as a counselor during 4-H camp. I am energized when I am teaching young people, and passionate about advocating for their best interest. 



Rachel Noble, University of Kentucky
Organizational Alignment Co-Chair




4-H Thriving Model Regional Champion Network

Maria Walker, University of Nebraska, Lincoln
4-H Thriving Model Regional Network Chair




4-H Thriving Model Liaisons

Nicole Webster, Pennsylvania State University
Access, Equity and Belonging Committee (AEBC) Liaison to the Research and Evaluation Committee




Shawn Tiede, Cornell University
4-H Thriving Model National Connections Leader

My spark is seeing a young person in the camp setting experience independence through their personal choices and watching and supporting my children and family grow and discover the world.