PYD Committee Leadership

PLWG Standing Committee on Positive Youth Development Chair

Dr. Mary Arnold, National 4-H Council

PYD Professional Development Working Group Leaders





Gemma Miner, University of California, Davis

Kelly Campbell, Cornell University (New York)





Dr. Martin Smith, University of California, Davis (Emeritus)

PYD Evaluation and Research Working Group Leaders





Dr. Autumn Hope Guin, North Carolina State University

Jessie Mullendore, 4-H Common Measures – University of Nebraska, Lincoln





Dr. Ryan Gagnon, Clemson University, Lead Methodologist

PYD Organizational Alignment Group Leaders

Leadership TBD


4-H Regional PYD Champion Network





Maria Walker, 4-H Regional PYD Champion Network Facilitator – University of Nebraska, Lincoln

4-H PYD Academies



Janet Golden, PYD Academy Coordinator, National 4-H Council

PYD Committee Liaisons

Shawn Tiede, PYD Committee Liaison Coordinator – Cornell University (New York)


Dr. Kimberly Holmes,  PLWG Liaison – Alabama A & T University

Sally McClaskey,  NAE4-HYDP Liaison – The Ohio State University





Dr. Nicole Webster, AEBC Liaison, Evaluation and Research – Pennsylvania State University

Phillip Ealy, AEBC Liaison, Professional Development – Pennsylvania State University